Why are you backing the Future Fund?

Claudia Batten, entrepreneur and advocate

Claudia grew up in Wellington studied law, and became fascinated with entrepreneurship, technology, and making things happen. Claudia has built and sold two great companies from scratch – Massive Inc, then Victors & Spoils. She received the Supreme 'World Class' Award from Kea NZ, and is a huge advocate for Kiwis dreaming big and pushing boundaries.  

Victoria Ransom, entrepreneur and adventurer

Victoria grew up in the tiny village of Scotts Ferry, just outside of Bulls. She's built several companies, including the social marketing company Wildfire Interactive, which she sold to Google. Victoria received a 'World Class' award from Kea NZ in 20151. She's a living example of the idea that small town kids can do big things, and is passionate about supporting the next generation. 

Sam Johnson, Young New Zealanders of the Year 2012

Sam grew up in Christchurch, and from a young age has had a passion for community and leadership. Perhaps best known for his role with the Student Volunteer Army after the Christchurch Earthquakes, Sam has since supported a range of international disaster response efforts, and been a driving force behind the new Serve for New Zealand initiative. 

Nick Astwick, Chief Operating Officer at Kiwibank

In 2015 Kiwibank stepped up as a major partner to support Inspiring Stories – they loved the vision to back young New Zealanders, and had been impressed with the leadership and momentum year on year. Nick and the team at Kiwibank are proud to support the Future Fund, and are committed to helping make Kiwis better off.

Philippa Cochrane, attendee, Festival for the Future 2015.

Philippa gave a day's salary to the Future Fund, saying she was, "Donating today's wage to something that will far outlive this day itself!"